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Our small farm consists of 15.5 acres total. This is split into about 11 acres that are planted in alfalfa hay, two acres fenced in for pasture, maybe 1/2 acre for garden and my 'experimenting patch,' and the rest for lawn, buildings, etc.

We've occasionally loaned out our pasture to the man who cuts my hay field - he keeps cows in it, and I don't have to mow it all summer. Win-win!

Here's the alfalfa, about ready to cut:

And after the cutting:

My latest farm acquisition is a 1951 John Deere Model L manure spreader:


Here's the corn patch after discing in mid-April:

And here's the PTO-driven hay rake loaded up in the pickup to go into town for a welding repair to a broken casting:

I'm still using a borrowed 8N to do my farm chores while I rebuild my own tractor. I got out and baled my own pasture using all my own equipment for the first time this spring. I still have a lot to learn - there's more to it than just driving the equipment around in circles...

More 8N shots: cultivating and raking hay…

Another new acquisition - two row corn picker:

John Deere logo from our antique grain drill:

2008 replanting of the hay field - discing the field with a John Deere 730 Diesel:

Planting with a Farmall M and John Deere Van Brunt grain drill:

Three weeks later, the oats are coming in nicely:

Early August, and we're harvesting the oats:

At the grain elevator:

Ted Fairfield and me:

Baling the oat straw:

September 27, 2008 - Cutting Hay

September 29, 2008 - Raking Hay

October 4, 2008 - Baling Hay