3 thoughts on “Anybody out there?

  1. Bruce Schneider

    Hey, Ed, Beth & boys!

    Ed, John told me that you’re still on with Caterpillar, so congrats on that. Chad might enjoy having a look at, and maybe submitting to The Romeo Theater, which is an online video hosting site. John Romeo is a good guy, and was an art director in my group at Capital One. Here’s the link: http://www.romeo-theater.com/

    We moved up to Richmond 18 months ago for me to work with Capital One. I was there a year and a week, then was laid off. We knew it was never about the job—that was just the vehicle God used to get us to Richmond. So, I’m in the job hunt. But God is good, always, and He has always provided and always will.

    We’re enjoying the history here in Richmond, as well as Williamsburg (1 hr. SE), Charlottesville and Monticello (1 hr. NW), and DC is only 2 hours north. We are about an hour closer to NYC than to Atlanta, and had a great time in Manhattan the weekend after Thanksgiving. There’s an outside chance we could end up in NYC, which would be a blast.

    I know you’ve had more snow and cold than we have, but I’m just as ready for Spring! Come see us.



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