I Don’ Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Birthin’ No Baby!

Been a while since posting any updates… life’s been very full! The hay field is coming in fairly well, but where did all that buttonweed come from? I realize now I should have seeded much heavier than I did, but I was basing my rate on the last time I reseeded the field, and wasn’t thinking that I had the oats in a separate bin on the grain drill then, and was effectively seeding at twice the rate I did this time. Hopefully the weeds will get choked out after it gets cut a few times.

The more interesting update to most folks will be the little surprise that greeted me when I did the animal chores this morning:

The cow’s name is Judy (named before we got her), and when I went out later this morning, our miniature horse, Spirit (who I call Sparky, as that seems to fit his disposition better) was butting and nipping the calf. Sparky quickly got penned up, and the calf was thus named Punch (as in Punch and Judy).

There should be a couple of litters of kittens joining the crew any day now. Things are really hopping!

UPDATE: Really good to see Punch taking milk – a calf’s stomach is designed by God to be fairly porous right after birth so the antibodies in the colostrum can propagate throughout the body faster. It’s really important that the calf take milk within the first 12-24 hours for that reason.

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