Springtime in Illinois

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The date of this post is March 24, and yesterday was a nice early Spring day here in the Middle West—temps were in the high 40s, winds were calm and skies were mostly sunny. A nice day to be working outside, and in fact, I got some dirt work done with the 8N Friday evening. The photo above, on the other hand was made just this morning, and we have maybe 4″ of snow on the ground as of this evening, with more due overnight.


This photo is from February 27, after a fairly heavy snowfall.

mar5Here’s the same scene, from March 5.

mar10By March 10, temps had been warm enough that most of the snow had melted off. That, coupled with a heavyish rain, produced this:


That’s the Spoon River, flooded well beyond its banks. I had to drive about 15 miles out of the way just to get home!


And here’s the same scene taken March 12, after a light dusting of snow that was not even in the forecast. We’ve actually had snow on the ground continually since late December, even if it’s only been in a few stubborn patches in the shadows from time to time.

Thankfully, temps are supposed to be in the low 50s by next weekend, so maybe we’ll finally break free of our snow streak for good!



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