Volkswagen Number Six

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After 12-1/2 years and over 216,000 miles, it’s time to replace Herbie, my 2000 TDI (diesel) New Beetle. I placed the order for the new car back around Christmas—it took three months for it to come in. It’s a 2013 TDI Beetle Convertible with six-speed manual transmission. The only options are the “Heritage” wheels. I’ll call it Eeyore (II, named after the 1964 Beetle I owned prior to Herbie). It’s my sixth Volkswagen.

Beth and I drove up to pick it up last night (March 21), and I’m still figuring out half the stuff on the touch-screen display. It’s got a heavier handling feel than my 2000, but definitely rides smoother – it should be a nice road trip car. I’m thankful for the Lord’s provision for it!

Looking forward to Spring weather!

Herbie and Eeyore II, getting to know each other…

The original Eeyore (1964 Type I Beetle Deluxe Sedan)


The Mayfield Belle, my first Volkswagen (1971 Campmobile)


My 1962 Type I Deluxe Sunroof Beetle. Currently in a gazillion parts as it’s being restored into a Love Bug replica (yep, another Herbie).

34753_1356972880091_1104563792_30793543_6282397_nAnd finally, the 1963 Type I Deluxe Beetle we bought a couple summers ago, also in a gazillion pieces currently, as it’s being restored (stock) alongside the ’62 Herbie.

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