First Snow of 2015-16 Winter is a Doozy!

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I was told when we moved to the Middle West that we could generally count on seeing snow in the air by Thanksgiving, and that’s more often than not proven to be the case. It was looking like this year was going to be a bust, however, as temperatures stayed well above freezing for long stretches. The pasture ground was a soupy, mucky mess where it normally would have been frozen solid. BUT!


As seen in the previous post, snow was forecast for the 21st, and boy did we get it! About 6-8″ worth, and with light winds, it hardly drifted at all. A high pressure system moved in behind the storm, leaving us with clear, bright, blue skies that added their beauty to the hoar frost that covered everything the next morning.


Temperatures were not that cold, so this was a heavy, wet snow that clung to every surface.


Our week-old heifer wasn’t quite sure what to think!


A colorful sunset was the perfect cap to a beautiful day!

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