That’s a Lotta Work for a Steak Dinner

Ellen went to the locker yesterday. 

Born August 27, 2014, she was out of our Red Angus cow, Gertie, which we had purchased only a month or so prior.

The sire bull was a Black Angus, and while Ellen was small, her fur would change colors depending on the light.

It took me several months working with her to get to where she’d let me pet her neck and head. Once she realized I was “okay,” she seemed to enjoy it!

Folks always say to never name your livestock (I’ve said it myself!), but we always seem to do so shortly after birth or acquisition. Well, except for the “momma” cats, who all end up being called “Momma Cat,” go figure.

I’m still learning cow-ish ways, and ended up spooking Ellen when trying to get her loaded. It ended up taking nearly six hours to calm her down and entice her into the trailer with cow delicacies like apples, corn and sweet oat hay. She didn’t like the ride at all, and at one point managed to squeeze her head and one foreleg through a window opening! But she seemed content once we got her to the locker and unloaded. By now, she’s hanging in a cooler and will come back home in a few weeks as delicious steaks, roasts and hamburger – fulfilling her purpose.

UPDATE – Ellen, on Ice:

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