Little House on the Prairie – 2017

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This was a busier year for work on the farmhouse!

A very important project was calling the ‘honey wagon’ to come pump the septic tanks, as it had been about seven years since the last pump. They told us to “keep doing what you’re doing, it looks great!”

An even more important project was replacement of the well pump when it failed. We were thankfully able to run off the cistern pump, and Beth and I were able to pull and reinsert the new pump on our own, as it was only 50′ deep.

I also started on a built-in china cabinet for the dining room.

If you were paying attention, you’ll notice that I initially built the cabinet backwards and had to take it all apart to reverse the widths so the gas heater would be on the correct side and not behind the entry door when lit.

It takes longer to stain everything than it does to actually build the cabinet! I got this far and paused for a while. I eventually built an additional carcass that got installed on top of these cabinets to completely fill the recess.

The other big project was the tearout and rebuild of the old summer porch.

I pulled the new porch wall back even with the rest of the house in order to have the front porch run the full width of the house.

A new entry door and sliding glass doors ensure lots of light.

And on the suggestion of a friend, I added a barrel vaulted ceiling detail.

And after siding and paint, it really turned out nice!