Little House on the Prairie – 2019

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2019 ended up being a very wet year, with multiple 6″+ rain events over a matter of a few weeks.

While the single sump pump was mostly keeping up with the steadily-flowing stream of groundwater, I felt it might be a good idea to add a second pump in the South end of the cellar.

One of the problems I had was that I was pumping water out on the ground right next to the house, which was simply flowing right back into the cellar. I rigged up enough pipe to carry the water well away, even though it looked a bit silly…

Here’s the second sump pump, freshly cemented into place. I also cemented the transition from the South cellar room to the middle part of the cellar where a good bit of groundwater was seeping in.

I also pretty much finished up the sun porch. The wall color is Cat Yellow, in homage to my employer!

Finally, I cleaned out the hobby room and started deconstruction. As expected based on what we found under other flooring in the house, there were a number of 1940s-50s magazines laid out to help level the floor (or?).

That’s about as far as I got this year, but things would have to really get going in early 2020, as I had put in my retirement notice and we purchased a home in Tennessee to move closer to our grandkids.