Post Frame Shop – Roof Steel Done

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My Brother-in-law and his wife ended up staying with us an extra few days, and we were able to get about ¾ of the roof panels installed before rain moved in and they had to leave. Once things dried up a bit, my wife and I finished the remaining nine panels. This meant I had no choice but to harness up and go up on the roof (I’m no fan of heights). Since the roof ended up a bit out-of-square – and was recalcitrant in moving back into square – we had to fudge a little on the end panels to make them line up properly. This will be covered by trim, and shouldn’t be noticeable. The ridge cap went on relatively quickly, but as I had no attach point for the harness, I had to “install without a net,” as it were. Thankful to the Lord for no slip and fall accidents!

The next phase involves trenching for power, water and drain lines, then installing compacted fill prior to pouring the floor.

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