Post Frame Shop – Essentially Done

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In the last post, I was in the process of hanging the ceiling drywall, which took a while to complete due to having to shift stuff around on the floor every few rows to make room for the scaffolding.

The tedious work of mudding and taping (not in that order) was done for the south end of the building – again, due to everything at floor level having been pushed to the north end.

Two coats of flat white paint went on after the sanding was done – it turned out nice.

We then painted the end walls and as far as we could get to on the side walls. Two coats of semi-gloss white exterior paint did the trick there, and the trims got a coat of dark grey.

A series of 2x4s were bolted through the plywood into the girts – these provide the mounting structure for the shelves I built next.

The shelves and table were framed up with 2x4s – the table surface is melamine-coated particleboard, finished with wood trim edges. The shelves are very sturdy and support a great deal of weight.

Having completed the south end, we shifted the VWs and other stuff down to that end and started the ceiling finishing work on the north end.

I got smart and tarped everything before we sanded this time.

After installing trims, we had some church friends over for a painting party.

More 2×4 supports were bolted up along the east wall after everything was painted.

I had several full sheets of roof tin left over, plus other odds and ends pieces of trim, so built a special shelf to store those up out of the way in case I should need them in the future.

Finally, a clean floor! Other than more shelving and decorative items, the building is essentially done at this point!

After enjoying all that space for all of ten minutes, we started moving my stuff out of the garage where it had been piled up since we moved here nearly three years ago. The old 1918 Lester piano came over first.

Followed by my grandparent’s first electric “ice box,” a 1940s-era Nash-Kelvinator.

And then, it was load after load of boxes and other accumulated equipment. I really need to get rid of most of it at this point in my life! The 8N with a 3-pt work platform made it easy to move the bulky/heavy items over.

Finally everything was moved over, leaving me just enough room to walk in-between it all. A lot of it will go on the shelves I’m continuing to build until it’s somewhat organized, and then the culling process will have to start.

And there’s my beloved, enjoying the newly-cleaned-out garage all to herself! I reserved one corner for car wash and oil change supplies, but the rest is for her car, gardening stuff, yard games and whatever else she can think up…

Glad to be finally done! Total time from start to finish was about 26 months.