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Two for Two

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We now have two invalids around the house, as Tyler managed to wipe out and either crack or badly bruise his tailbone (coccyx) while snowboarding last Friday. I’m glad I decided to stay home!

“Red Tails” Review

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Red Tails opens with the disclaimer that it is “Inspired by a True Story,” which is pretty true, given that many liberties were taken with the historical events portrayed in the film. If you can overlook those, along with the somewhat unbelievable flight sequences (visually very exciting, but aircraft simply do not do the kinds of maneuvers repeatedly shown in… Read more »

A Mild Winter So Far…

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Although we’ve had a few nights down around zero, it’s actually been pretty mild so far this winter (compared to the last two winters, anyway) – the biggest snow we’ve had was about five inches. This is historically more typical, but then we’re also not yet into February!

First Car

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Tyler bought his first car recently—a 1984 Ford Mustang L, which is a base model version with a 4-cylinder carbureted engine (originally used in the Pinto), and pretty much manual everything else. It didn’t take too long before the initial “pride of ownership” wore off, and now he’s into the “wrenching to keep it running” phase of owning an older… Read more »