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A Mild Winter So Far…

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Although we’ve had a few nights down around zero, it’s actually been pretty mild so far this winter (compared to the last two winters, anyway) – the biggest snow we’ve had was about five inches. This is historically more typical, but then we’re also not yet into February!

First Car

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Tyler bought his first car recently—a 1984 Ford Mustang L, which is a base model version with a 4-cylinder carbureted engine (originally used in the Pinto), and pretty much manual everything else. It didn’t take too long before the initial “pride of ownership” wore off, and now he’s into the “wrenching to keep it running” phase of owning an older… Read more »

PPF Blog Launch

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It’s been over three years since I first set up a WordPress blog for the PPF site, but I never actually started using it, thinking I would design my own blog template. Well, that actually almost happened, but I ran into some coding snags and finally decided here at the start of 2012 (ten years since our move to the… Read more »

Progress, slowly.

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Having recently completed the coding for Chad’s Stembridge Mill site, I’ve picked up a good bit of WordPress knowledge and figured I might as well put it to use while its fresh. Not to mention, as I was doing my first update for 2011 on the Peachtree Prairie site, I found myself saying, “Why am I still hand coding all… Read more »