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What’s Wrong With Miserable?

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Miserable can be quite good. Some of C. S. Lewis’s best work was written out of misery. Miserable people can give deeply illuminating advice, too. I harp on this because the focus on happy is precisely where they go wrong. Their vague conception is that marriage is like a continuous dose of IV cocaine — you’re just happier all the… Read more »


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Granny keeps ticking along, and we enjoyed a brief visit with her over Thanksgiving. She turned 104 in October. Her memory isn’t so great these days, but she recognized us and when prompted, remembered various events we brought up. We’re so thankful for her!

The Nest is Empty

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Chad has been spending frequent weekends in southern Illinois all year, and with his recent marriage to Samantha, is now permanently moved. Tyler also decided to make the move into Peoria at the end of October to be closer to work. It was an emotional moment watching him pull out of the driveway.