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Good Fences Make Good “Neigh”bors

I recently spent a pleasant Saturday morning doing fence repairs. Since the grass is always greener on the other side, the livestock tends to try to push their necks through as far as they can, and over time, the fence sags, requiring a bit of tightening up. You’ll note from the photo that I try to keep the grass killed… Read more »

The Cycle

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We acquired our first beef cow as a bred Angus heifer in late 2011 from a farmer friend whom we had loaned use of our hay field for a crop of beans followed by corn. He had already named her Judy.

Chad’s Bees

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Chad built a beehive earlier this year and ordered a hive of bees (along with a queen). It was fascinating watching him handle them (calmly!). Unfortunately, the bees did not “take” to the hive, and left after about a month.