PPF Blog Launch

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It’s been over three years since I first set up a WordPress blog for the PPF site, but I never actually started using it, thinking I would design my own blog template. Well, that actually almost happened, but I ran into some coding snags and finally decided here at the start of 2012 (ten years since our move to the Middle West), that maybe I should “fish or cut bait” and use a pre-designed theme and just go with it.

So, here it is.

While most of you don’t care about the technical mumbo-jumbo behind the scenes, what this means is that I can make quick updates to the site without having to hand-code everything. So maybe now I’ll post more often.

Aaaaand, here we go!

Progress, slowly.

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Having recently completed the coding for Chad’s Stembridge Mill site, I’ve picked up a good bit of WordPress knowledge and figured I might as well put it to use while its fresh. Not to mention, as I was doing my first update for 2011 on the Peachtree Prairie site, I found myself saying, “Why am I still hand coding all this stuff anyway?”

So, this post marks the first one with my in-progress updates to the WP code and styles. Hopefully I’ll get it all smoothed out shortly and can start posting without it being a big HTML ordeal anymore.