Old Trucks

March, 2011

With my '1969 F100 suffering from numerous ailments, and a severe shortage of time to do anything about it, I decided to pick up a newer pickup for use around the farm. Hopefully I'll be able to restore the old '69 at some point, but for now, she's officially out to pasture.

So here's what I ended up with - a 1995 F150 4x4 with the 300 straight six engine. It's pretty rusted around the fenderwells and cab bottom, but everything works pretty well (will need some tweaking here and there, tho).

1951 International L-172

Briefly, this is the truck I bought in late 2003. It runs, but needs new wiring and some cleanup. Yet Another Project...

2004 Update - I finished removing the dump bed from the truck, but have not done anything else to date on it.

June 2004 - most of the dump bed has been removed.
Dataplate - it's an L-172
Line List? Is pasted to firewall above dimmer switch
Rear wheel
Front wheel
RH cab
The Mighty L-170
RH engine
LH engine
Cab detail
Missing headliner
LH Cab
Dump bed (rotted out)
RH Rear
RH Side