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Family Story

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Here’s a story from the 1970s that is a family favorite. We were driving from Athens, GA to my Grandmother’s on the South side of Atlanta, probably via the old Winder Highway (8). The vehicle was our ’68 Country Squire LTD, which was loaded down in the back with numerous dried flower arrangements Mom was planning to sell at a craft… Read more »


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The machine shed is rebuilt, and I’m slowing getting stuff organized to the point where I was able to spend a couple hours cleaning up the wheels for my ’62 Volkswagen. After installing the clips that hold the hubcaps on, I took the wheels and tires in to be mounted and balanced.

Snow Jam ’82 – The Snow was the Lesser of Two Evils

Being an Atlanta, Georgia native, I watched with amused interest as the city experienced “Snowmageddon ’14” recently, as if it was the first time snow had ever fallen in Georgia. In fact, this event very closely paralleled the original Snow Jam ’82 event that happened while I was in college. I ran across a site that documents stories from this… Read more »