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The machine shed is rebuilt, and I’m slowing getting stuff organized to the point where I was able to spend a couple hours cleaning up the wheels for my ’62 Volkswagen. After installing the clips that hold the hubcaps on, I took the wheels and tires in to be mounted and balanced.

Minivan Generations

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We hadn’t planned to replace Beth’s minivan for another couple years (based on our “Ten Years Old or 200,000 Miles” policy), but a certain sequence of events led to my locating a one year old 2012 Volkswagen Routan with just over 8,000 miles for not much over 1/2 its original sticker price.

Volkswagen Number Six

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After 12-1/2 years and over 216,000 miles, it’s time to replace Herbie, my 2000 TDI (diesel) New Beetle. I placed the order for the new car back around Christmas—it took three months for it to come in. It’s a 2013 TDI Beetle Convertible with six-speed manual transmission. The only options are the “Heritage” wheels. I’ll call it Eeyore (II, named… Read more »