Little House on the Prairie – 2020, The Final Installment

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Having purchased a retirement home in Tennessee, we had a long list of things to do before putting the farm on the market.

I had already stripped the dining room door so finished staining it, along with stripping and staining the threshold to the sun porch. I had also planned to strip and stain the door leading into the living room, but ended up leaving it as-is.

A number of the kitchen floor tiles had cracked over the years, so those were laboriously chipped out and replaced with the leftovers from the original install.

Meanwhile, Beth scraped and painted exterior trim.

…then helped me deplaster the hobby room.

We bagged up the old blown-in insulation to haul to the landfill.

I framed up a closet and bookcase in the hobby room, which necessitated relocating the heat duct.

Ceiling going in…

…then insulation,


…mud and tape,

And done! I of course regret not having done this years earlier based on how nice it turned out.

The final two rooms were the upstairs bedrooms on the South end of the house. The original colors were actually really nice, so I chose reasonably close matches once it was time to paint.

Removing and burning lathe boards…

More bagged insulation. By this point, Illinois was under Covid-1984 lockdown, so I had to pay someone to haul all this to the landfill as they weren’t allowing folks in without an account.

Years earlier, we had walled off the original closet in the boy’s room, which was uncovered when we deplastered the master bedroom. I combined the MBR closet with the boy’s former closet to make one large walk-in.

The original pine flooring had trompe l’oeil woodgrain painted on it!

I ended up hiring a crew to hang and finish the drywall.

Driving the last “golden” nail in the trim!

These rooms also turned out really nice!

The carpet in the living room was badly faded and stained, so out it came. The engineered wood flooring I installed turned out really nice, and I wish we had done it this way to begin with. By this point, we had moved most everything out of the house to Tennessee.

Bittersweet photo… lots of memories here!

After a couple loads of farm equipment, it was time to empty out my shop.

The final load, all ready to head out.

And a little museum for the new owners.

So long, farm!