Post Frame Shop – Landscaping & Workroom Framing

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After my missing panels and trims came in, I was able to finally button up the building shell, with exception of the ceiling panels that go under the porch roof. I’ll get to those eventually.

With some decent weather on tap, we raked out the backfill and spread grass seed and straw.

Some nice rain fell right after we got the seed down, so I started framing up the walls for my workroom.

Unfortunately, we then got a deluge of rain; about 6″ in 24 hours or so, which washed out some of our hard work. Once this dried out, I put some more of my now-mostly-depleted spoil pile in the washouts and reseeded everything.

Since I’ll also use the workroom ceiling as an overhead storage deck, I went with 12″ joists.

A neon sign and a few other vintage-look gas-station signs dress things up a bit.

The grass has come in fairly well – I’ll overseed the thin spots and call it done for now. Pulling wire and putting in the remaining ceiling joists in the main part of the building will keep me busy until the next update.