Little House on the Prairie - 2011
Remodeling a 1920 Midwestern 'Foursquare' Farmhouse …

This page documents work on the house during 2011. Entries are blog-style in reverse chronological order (most recent first). For reviews of work done in other years, please click the desired year from the menu to the left.

December, 2011

The end of another year is upon us, and there won't be much more done on the house until 2012 at this point.

The north end of the house has been wrapped and trimmed, but the siding itself will now have to wait until Spring.

We turned our attention back inside, and finally got the dining room flooring completed - all that's left is to finish stripping and repaining the ceiling tiles and install those along with a light which is yet to be purchased.

September, 2011

Since the last update, I had Tyler strip and repaint all the tin tiles, but the finish turned out unacceptable, so we're going to have to do them all over again...

In the meantime, Tyler and I have stripped all the siding off the north end of the house, and Ty installed new foam board on top of that while I built a small porch roof extension over the north entrance.

June, 2011

Beth and I have been steadily working on the new dining room, and pretty much have all the wallpaper and trim done. I still have to refinish the tin tiles for the ceiling, install flooring, build a set of custom cabinets and install a sink...

March, 2011

Well, we're off to a somewhat slow start for this year, but are very happy to report that the boys bedroom is done as of yesterday (when we had the carpet installed).

We're really happy with how it turned out, and Tyler especially, since he did most of the work on this room.

The dining room is coming along slowly - we started hanging wallpaper last week, but were having problems with it curling badly, so we've been reading up on that and will tackle it again this week. Once that's up, we have all the trim ready to cut and install.

And that's about it for now!

Status Report

As we start our tenth year of renovation/remodeling, let's take stock of what's been done so far:

Still left to do:

My goals for 2011 are to finish the dining room and install new siding and gutters on the house.