Stembridge Academy

What does Douglas MacArthur have in common with Blaise Pascal, Amadeus Mozart, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens?

They were all home educated!


Chad and Tyler have both been home educated since kindergarten. As of this writing, Chad is in 10th grade (and is ready to start driver's ed!) and Tyler is in 7th.

UPDATE (2007) - Chad starts 12th grade this fall, and has been driving safely since last January. Tyler will be starting 9th grade.

UPDATE II (2008) - Chad graduated this past spring, and Tyler (now in 10th grade) is now in driver's ed up at the local public high school.

UPDATE III (2011) - Tyler graduated this month, so we're officially closing Stemridge Academy. We'd absolutely home school again, given the chance!

Unlike public school, home schooling is a 24/7 activity. We look for 'teachable moments' that happen when one of the boys expresses an interest in something to teach them about the subject not only from a theoretical standpoint, but also from a practical and spiritual standpoint.

While home educating isn't for everyone, we feel that it has been a significant positive factor in the character and knowledge development of our children. By actively taking charge of the daily education of our boys, we are following the Biblical direction to "train up a child in the way he should go," seeking to build wisdom, which is the correct and effective application of knowledge. "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord."

Information on home educating in Illinois can be found at the Illinois Christian Home Educators web site. Georgia information can be found at the Georgia Home Education Association web site.

A couple of book resources that have been big helps (and are scripturally sound) include Hints on Child Training by Reb Bradley, Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz and Personal Helps for Boys from Pearables.