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The Greatest Poet

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I would love to write a story, Of life that never dies. Of love that’s never ending, That soars above the skies. Oh to be the one, Who wrote the happiest song. Of love that’s never ending. Of love that’s never wrong. Men can write a poem or rhyme, But none could ever tell; How life goes on forever; In… Read more »


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“It is the plain man who gets uncomfortable and says to himself, ‘this may be the fashion of the moment, but I don’t like it.’ It is the mass of Christian men who feel in their bones that there is something wrong, though they have difficulty in explaining it.” Hillaire Belloc, The Great Heresies

Farmhouse Renovation Updates

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I finally took time to create posts documenting the final years of the farmhouse renovation. They are backdated, so here are links to them for handy access: 2017 2018 2019 2020

Post Frame Shop – Girts

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After allowing the concrete to cure for about ten days, I started working on framing the girts. I’m using commercial / bookshelf girts, which are 2×8 boards laid flat, 24″ on center. They look like bookshelves, thus the name, and allow for easy addition of horizontal batt insulation in the walls. Wall sections that are < 24″ wide, or thereabouts,… Read more »