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The Model Garage: Prep is Everything

Tyler and I have been making steadier progress on our two Volkswagen Beetle projects lately. I took both chassis/floorpans and ten wheels to a local sandblaster, and we’ve been working on priming and painting them all. The primer grey pan in front is for my 1962 sunroof Beetle, and the bare metal pan in back is Tyler’s ’63. I’ve also… Read more »

I Don’ Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Birthin’ No Baby!

Been a while since posting any updates… life’s been very full! The hay field is coming in fairly well, but where did all that buttonweed come from? I realize now I should have seeded much heavier than I did, but I was basing my rate on the last time I reseeded the field, and wasn’t thinking that I had the oats… Read more »

Planting Day

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About ten of our fifteen acres is in crops each year, and last fall’s harvest was field corn. I had an epic plowing session with the 8N and a two-bottom plow, and then left the field “rough” over the winter to “mellow down,” which just means the freeze/thaw cycle breaks down and loosens the dirt, leaving it soft as butter in the spring…. Read more »